Boaters Gold

Bangor Marina Trials

Boaters Gold is a revolutionary and cutting-edge technology product that was first formulated to help assist the boating community with black mould, algae and bacteria. Due to the moist and humid environments that all boaters are familiar with, it is excellent at killing germs, but also devastating to black mould and algae by first killing the spores and then leaving a protective layer that will not allow regrowth for months at a time. 


Through live trials, we gave samples of Boaters Gold out to be tested in. The results of this alcohol-free sanitiser left boaters and ship owners "blown away by the effectiveness of the product.



24 hours after first application of Boaters Gold, this rope had a green mouldy substance all throughout the weave.


After the 24 hours after the first application and 8 hours after the second application, the green mould has been substantially removed from the ropes weaves.

Boat Detailing

Surface Cleaner

Boaters Gold is a great surface cleaner. Simply spray and apply to soiled fabrics and other surfaces and watch it lift out stains of blood, faeces, oil and much more! Use it to protect your sails from mould, bacteria, fungus, germs and algae when stored away.