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Aktivora Super Sanitiser

AKTIVORA is a cleaner-sanitiser which conforms to British Standards EN1650, EN14476 and EN1276. This product can give you the reassurance and peace of mind that you, your home or workplace is as safe as possible in the battle against this viruses.

Aktivora contains NO Alcohol, It is safe to use on skin and can be used to disinfect all types of surfaces to establish hygiene and infection control measures to help protect everyone by reducing cross-contamination.


Cleaning removes dirt and germs from surfaces.

Cleaning doesn’t necessarily kill the germs.

Sanitising lowers the number of bacteria on surfaces and objects. Sanitising offers no confidence in killing fungi or viruses such as the flu or other viruses now commonly found on surfaces.


Disinfecting kills or inactivates all germs on all surfaces.

However, this is not the case for the hand sanitising industry.

The word sanitiser is generally used to describe a substance or a product used to reduce or eliminate germs on surfaces.

How do you know if the sanitiser you are using is effective against germs?

It’s all about the 9’s

When choosing a ‘sanitiser’ the number of ‘9’s after the 99% is very important!


If you had 1 million bacteria on your hand and didn’t wash that hand, then the kill rate would obviously be 0 %; however, if you wash your hands for 20 seconds following the hand washing guidelines, 90 % of the bacteria on your hand will be lifted from the surface and washed down the drain.


The number of bacteria on your hand will have been reduced by 90% from 1 000 000 (106) to 100 000 (105 )


The ‘9’s let us know the potential that your choice of sanitiser, has on reducing the risk of the disease transmission.

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How Aktivora


How Aktivora Works-01.png


Aktivora combines a unique system of chemistry and physics that works in a totally different way to the current and existing cleaning / disinfecting technologies.

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Aktivora is accumulative, meaning the more you use it, the stronger the protection, as any broken surface matrix will “heal itself”.

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Aktivora has “Seek and Destroy” molecules that penetrate and break apart biofilms and dismantle the cell walls of germs, at the same time, dehydrating them so they effectively “implode” therefore, building a resistance to this technology is impossible!

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Some of the molecules in Aktivora provides a strong electrostatic positive charge which is the key to it being able to coats and protect treated surfaces from further contamination of germs, dirt, algae and surface soiling for prolonged periods.

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Aktivora’s protective barrier also prevents bacteria from feeding and breeding by cutting off the food source; whilst at the same time the electrostatic effect also plays a very important part in the war against germs.

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Aktivora penetrates up to 10

times more efficiently than conventional cleaners and disinfectants and therefore delivers unrivalled and superior performance in kill rate efficiency and cleaning power, with log kills up to 99.999% (Log 5 Reduction).


Main Features

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Environmentally friendly and biodegradable

Aktivora Features-04.png

Utilises renewable plant extracts as key ingredients

Aktivora Features-07.png

Makes it impossible for germs and viruses to build up a resistance

Aktivora Features-02.png

Works well on all surfaces without tainting or corroding

Aktivora Features-05.png

Broad spectrum killer against all germs, including superbugs

Aktivora Features-08.png

Easily destroys and removes germs

whether they are biofilms, algae, moulds, bacteria or viruses whilst giving long lasting protection

Aktivora Features-03.png

The innovative chemistry and physics technology

of Aktivora’s carrier liquid enhances the efficiency and longevity of the disinfection processes

Aktivora Features-06.png

thus safe to use on humans, animals and all surfaces

Aktivora Features-09.png

Continues to protect for over 24 hours without reapplication

Aktivora Logo-01.png
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