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Horse in Stable

Equine Products for Horse Healthcare

Introducing Aktivora Equine - the safe and powerful non-alcoholic & non-toxic disinfectant spray that's specifically designed to provide top-notch hoof care for your beloved horse.

Our ready-to-use spray is perfect for preventing and treating hoof infections, giving you peace of mind knowing that your horse is always in the best of health.

Aktivora Equine is not just limited to hooves - it can be safely used on all surfaces including horse boxes, stables and even bedding. You can trust in our product to effectively disinfect and protect your horse's environment without any negative effects.

Give your horse the best with Aktivora Equine - the ultimate in horse healthcare!

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Horse in Stable

Horse Sanitising Made Easy

Horse in Stable


Aktivora Equine is a gentle disinfectant for horses and complies to the highest standard EN approved number EN 1656 & EN 1657 (obtained by Irish Equine Centre NAAS) without irritation or harm to horses with a log kill rate 99.99999 % of viruses, bacteria, fungi & Hoof Rot therefore keeping bedding, stables, horse box & equipment clean. Our product is plant based NON-ALCOHOL. Protection up to 24 hours.

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