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Safety Against Outbreaks of Coronavirus In Your Own Home

Updated: May 5, 2022

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser
Constant hand washing may cause children's hands to become dry and cracked, leading to sores.

Schooling and day-care has been a complete nightmare for most parents. With the constant testing for every sniffle, for every rise in temperature and any rogue cough that may present itself in their child. For some it has become routine and for others it is a battle of wills to get their child to complete a lateral flow tests. Small children in particular are borderline traumatised by even seeing a kit come out, covering their little noses and running away in horror.

But rules are rules. Without clean tests children are not allowed to gather together and if in the unfortunate instance where a child has contracted coronavirus, it becomes a bit of a panic for everyone in a household who has to isolate themselves from them so as to not disrupt their work/school life. Then to top that off every parent in that child's class gets notified that "someone in your child's class has contractacted Covid." And so begins another round of lateral flow testing dance.

What Can Parents Do To Help Prevent Contraction Of Coronavirus?

What About Toddlers?

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