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The Impact of Coronavirus and Office Culture

Updated: May 5, 2022

Covid 19 Office Policy

As COVID-19 becomes endemic in much of the world, offices are turning their focus to sustainable business growth and inclusion of staff once again into the workplace.

What Have Been Measures Taken By Offices.

Pandemic-proofing offices have involved short-term fixes, new working patterns and long-term design upgrades that put hygiene to help keep staff and clients safe from contracting and developing Covid-19.

  • Redesign the workplace

  • Hot desking and staff rotation

  • Sneeze-Guards at reception and between staff

  • Remote working

Where a lot of these measures have worked well for companies that aren't very client facing, like the technology sector, there are still environments where this is simply still not feasible. For instance solicitors offices, medical practices and other client facing heavy sectors that require private meeting areas and waiting rooms. The reworking of the office may help staff contracting Covid 19 with sneeze-guards between them, this still leaves clients vulnerable.

Covid-19 Solutions for Waiting Rooms

Air Filtration - Waiting rooms filled with people is a breeding ground for Covid 19. Even with policies like wearing a mask and limiting numbers of people in the room, sometimes people wear inappropriate face masks or staunchly refuse. UV Air Filtrations can be installed into these rooms, indeed any room where people congregate, to help remove the droplets containing the virus from even making contact with the surfaces of a room.

Super Surface Cleaners - While conventional wisdom is that bleaching or using strong concentrated alcohol on surfaces will remove the virus, it may not be the best solution in an environment where people may be particularly sensitive to the smell of strong chemicals. It is also generally not healthy to have people breathing that in for long periods of time. Alcohol Free Sanitisers do exist and are more than powerful enough to remove and protect surfaces for up to 24hrs

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